You pour your heart into your craft; I make sure everyone can see it at its best. We work together, each bringing our own strengths to the table, to make your pattern the best it can be. You come up with the design; I make sure your pattern does it justice. And every pattern we work on makes me a better editor for you, and you a better designer.

Flexibility of work

I've worked with a variety of clients, each with their own requirements. Are you an:

  • Independent designer?
  • Print publication?
  • Online magazine?
  • Technique and pattern book author?

If so, I've experience working with others like you and am ready to help.

A client's perspective

Since working with you I’ve had happy test knitters and accurate patterns.

Janukke Strickdesign

View Janukke Strickdesign’s case study for greater insight into how we work together (PDF, 500 words, 1.8MB)

Time to talk specifics

I will pore over every detail of your pattern to make sure it is accurate and accessible. This includes, but is not limited to:

does it match your schematic and stitch/row counts?
garment sizing
do they match your schematic, and are they reasonable?
do they match the instructions, have a complete key?
are they clear, consistent, and readable?
is what you see what you get?
does the knitter know where to look and what everything means?

Then I will give you complete and thorough feedback, with clear explanations and suggestions where applicable. You’ll have everything you need to transform your pattern and feel confident about sending it out into the world.

Working in multiple languages

I specialise in working with non-native English speakers. Having lived and worked abroad, I understand the challenges that come from working in a language that isn't your first. I work with patterns in English, German, Swedish, French, Italian, Dutch and more.

How long does it take?

The time taken to get a pattern ready will obviously vary, but I aim to get back to you with an edit within 10 working days. I will confirm all timelines with you as we go along, and if you have a fixed deadline you are working to, let me know as soon as possible to ensure final delivery is made in good time.

What does it cost?

My rate is £32 per hour, billed in increments of 0.1 hours.

  • Jem Arrowsmith
    I want to thank you for all of your help with my patterns, I have been really impressed with your service and advice and I won't hesitate to recommend your services to other designers.
    Jem Arrowsmith
    Under the Olive Tree knits
  • Julia Adams
    Thank you for getting my instructions really easy to understand. I get really good feedback: 'Julia’s pattern and instructions are SO clear and well written ... [her] instructions were a dream'
    Julia Adams
    Julia Adams Designs
  • Anna Friberg
    My customers have often given me feedback that my patterns are well written and I have James to thank for that. He does find everything with his eagle eyes!
    Anna Friberg
    Knitway Sweden
  • Mara Licole
    I love working with you because you are even more of a perfectionist than me and I love that.  You pick through every little detail.  I have NOT had ANY complaints about any of the patterns that you re-edited for me.  That saves me an incredible amount of time.  More importantly, it takes the anxiety out of publishing. With your edits, I have a higher level of confidence that I am putting out an accurate pattern and for that I am grateful.
    Mara Licole
    Mara Licole Knits
  • Mélodie Massicotte [Ravelry]
    I just wanted to say that I love working with you. I've really gotten better at writing patterns since we've been working together. Thank you for everything!
  • Sabrina Schumacher
    I have learned a lot by working with you, which in turn has a positive effect on my pattern writing style. You see things others can't and your communication is clear and transparent.
  • Rike Pacholleck
    Your feedback was wonderfully clear and well formulated and factually perfect! (Translated from German)
  • Heike Campbell [Ravelry]
    The quality of my patterns has improved considerably with your editing. There are almost no enquiries asking for help with the instructions.
    Heike Campbell [Ravelry]
    Heike Campbell Designs
  • Claudia Eisenkolb
    It's always a pleasure to work with you, your expertise is highly appreciated.
    Claudia Eisenkolb
    Himawari Knits
  • Jana Huck
    I appreciate to no end that you are always happy to answer my many questions. It is fun to work with you.
    Jana Huck
    Janukke Strickdesign
  • Zsuzsanna Orthodoxou
    Everything was very clear. Thank you again for the always thorough editing!
    Zsuzsanna Orthodoxou
    Zsuzsanna Orthodoxou Designs
  • Yuki Ueda
    I learn a lot from your editing every time. Thank you so much!
    Yuki Ueda


Please note that I am not currently able to accept new clients. If you would like me to let you know when my availability opens up, please send me a message.